«ФорвардГрупп» - Перевозка грузов в международном сообщении. Перевозка грузов во внутриреспубликанском сообщении

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Republic of Belarus, 220030,
Minsk, 14 Karla Marksa Str.

+375 44 78 14 666




Full truck loads transportation

man-tgx-6 1Full truck loads transportation – the cargo for one recipient on volume occupying the entire vehicle. Cargo is loaded directly from the sender’s stock and unloaded on the recipient’s stock.

Packaged cargoes - the whole range of goods allowed to be transported, including goods not requiring temperature-controlled, refrigerated cargo, hazardous cargo.

When carried packaged cargoes we can use any type of vehicles as well as optimization of transportation costs. Experts of our company will develop and implement an optimal scheme for you and route of transportation of goods.